Choosing a Meal Plan

What kind of eater are you?
Are you used to eating three squares a day?
Do you just eat select meals throughout the day?
Do you go home on the weekends?
Will meal swipes or flex dollars work best?

A swipe is the process of paying for a meal through the register with a meal plan. One swipe equals one meal. Swipes can only be used at the all you can eat concept, Commons Café.

Flex Dollars
Flex dollars are designed to allow purchases at all dining locations on campus. Purchases are deducted from your dining fund balance much like a debit card or declining balance account.

Other Considerations…
If you prefer quick, grab and go meals, DK’s is more your style.  Swipes don’t work here, but FLEX Dollars do.

If you like the fact that you can run over to Java Joint for a quick coffee, tea, ice cream or snack during the day or at late night, you’ll need more FLEX Dollars.

Once you determine how many meals you normally eat per day, you can look at the plans and divide them by days of the week, or in the case of block plans, days of the semester (remember to subtract holidays you’ll be gone) and you’ll know how many swipes you’ll have to use a day.

Swipes reset every Sunday, except for those on block plans, and don’t transfer from semester to semester. Those on block plans have a set amount of swipes per semester.


Changes to meal plans can be made in the Dining Services office during the first ten days of each semester